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Craving for Mexican classics? Looking for a taco shop serving great tacos? Looking for a place to shop for Oaxaca products?
If you are looking for a great source of Mexican groceries in Vista, CA, stop looking any further than El Torito Foods. We are the choice among Mexican grocery stores in Vista, CA. Our experience is shown in our consistent tastes and the Mexican classics we stock our shelves with.
We are a grocery store and a specialty store for Mexican classes, especially Oaxaca products.  If you are looking for authentic tastes and flavors, as well as Latin American groceries and other products found in Hispanic groceries come to El Torito Foods. We have all things and products from Mexico. 
If you are looking for tacos, El Torito Foods also sells great tacos. We are an excellent taco shop in Vista, CA. We are a source of great Mexican groceries selling really good tacos. Our tacos are made from fresh meat, from our own carniceria. The carne asada is authentic Mexican flavor and consistent in taste.  Come and visit us at El Torito Foods and check out our tacos special, which is only available at our store.
In addition to the Latin American groceries and tacos specials, El Torito Foods also offers money transfers services and prepaid cell phones to our customers.  Need to send money or to receive money, you can do that at our store.  You can also purchase prepaid cell phones for when you want no-contract phones, and you need more phone options. 
For your grocery produce requirements, Oaxaca products, tacos specials, money transfers and prepaid cellphones, and other Latin American groceries, come to El Torito Foods, your choice for Mexican groceries in Vista, CA.

El Torito, your place for great tacos and the Mexican classics.

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